The Guillannes Casino was an enterprise (usually a Casino) owned by Yves E. Wellesbourne, which had several incarnations in different locations throughout his life. It was named after the French impressionist painter Jacques Leslie Guillannes, whose paintings Wellesbourne admired.


  • Wellesbourne as manager:
  • Wellesbourne as owner:
    • Rain on the Harbour (English for La Pluie d'Havre) - bar, hotel and casino in Hamilton, Bermuda, 1916-1921
    • Jacques' Speakeasy - speakeasy in Chicago, IL, USA, 1923-1924 (owned by the Nowhere Town Outfit, and run by Wellesbourne, who was a member of the Outfit.)
    • Jacques Guillanes Casino - hotel and casino in Aeolia, 1928-1929 (continued unofficially until 1932)
    • Guillannes Casino - hotel and casino in Goa, Portuguese India, 1939-1943

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